DISTRETTO33 : a name, an area and many different activities

DISTRETTO33 is a Consortium of companies which was set in 2009 by A.I.L. (the Association of Lombardy Enterpreneurs). It is active in the North West of Italy – Lombardy and Piedmont.

It aims at the promotion and the development of the small and medium size companies, of the commercial and service activities, of professional people, of the operators in the tourist sector that are based in this area.

Since its establishment, DISTRETTO33, has chosen to be a multisector Consortium, with the clear purpose of accepting inside its organisation every type of economic activity that can be useful to the strategic management of the Consortium itself.

Through the adhering companies it offers a range of services aimed at the qualitativ development of the businesses: service of digitisation, electronic invoicing for public administration, insurance, personnel research, interpreting amd translation, law and certification. These services are considered strategic for the evolution of companies in todays market in order to make them competitive both on national and international level.

On the occasion of EXPO 2015 Milano DISTRETTO33 is one of the main operators: as creator of “DISTRETTO33: A Project for 2015”, a project of marketing for the local area which won the competition “TOWARDS EXPO 2015” organised in 2008 by the Province of Milan, DISTRETTO33 is active for the development of companies and has contacts with businesses, general contractors, ATI winners of important call for tender, Consulates of participating Nations, operators and foreign delegations present at EXPO.

The cooperation of 30 Public Administrations to the project is particularly important.

Besides the activities with EXPO, DISTRETTO33 plays an important role in internationalisation through well-established relationships with many countries and through the presence of a member in the Italo-Czech Chamber of Commerce.

DISTRETTO33 offers Provinces and local Councils consulting services in the field of energetic efficiency of buildings , of electric networks and areas in the sector of “TechEco Innovations”.

In the process of implemetation and development of its own activities DISTRETTO33 (D33), is looking for companies and enterpreneurs that can be useful for providing consulting, services, goods, products, buildings and so on with reference to the development of new activities, also in the sector “After EXPO” and in cooperation with Fiera Milano, External Pole Rho-Pero.

DISTRETTO33 is still active in the project of Territorial Marketing, which started with “Development Project”. This project “collects” territorial activities for the promotion of the economic area and through contacts between territories and activities ad the organisation of events, initiatives, and project sharing, with the purpose of making the excellent companies, associations and Local Councils well known in Italy and abroad.

A good example is the one of “DISTRETTO33 Villages”, which were held in Rho, Domodossola, Verbania, or the annual meetings (Stati Generali) and the partecipation in the events of EXPO FIORI Verbania, STREET FOOD Novegro, LET project (Landscape Expo Tours) e FOOD TOUR VERSO EXPO.

Thanks to this activities held before, during and after the opening of Milano EXPO 2015 DISTRETTO33 offers Italian and foreign operators all the necessary support both for the business trip sto Italy and for the potential planning, realisation, and assembling of exhibition spaces and congresses. 

2015 September 1st